Crisp Salad Works

Maybe one of my favorite places to eat, and always an option when a friend tells me regarding our meeting place, “Oh anywhere in Tokyo is fine.”  In one of Tokyo’s nicer neighborhoods, the prices reflect that and might seem a bit much for a salad served in a recyclable plastic bowl with a plastic fork.  But with comfy seating (blankets to use for when it’s cold) and wide open windows to take in the quiet surroundings, it’s a nice place to take a break from the bustle of the city.  I’ve seen it busy, but not so much that I felt I had to rush.  As for the food, it is all fresh, and each salad is packed with goodies.  I think the first one I tried had chicken, feta cheese, apple, raisins, nuts, etc, and you can choose among a few dressings or even make a completely customized salad.  The menu is in English too, and according to their website they do takeout and delivery too (through and ubereats).
Hours:  11am-10pm
Location:  Ebisu (map), also in Azabu-juban, Roppongi