Golden Brown/ ゴールデンブラウン

IMG_2558A burger place in the fancy shmancy Omotesando Hills.  I normally would avoid Omotesando Hills since most everything else inside is way above my spending level.  But I had it on my list before I realized it was in there, and I was there replacing the cable for my Bose headphones anyway. (Ok, I guess for Bose I would go in there xP).  And as I thought, the restaurant itself wasn’t that fancy given the location.  Pretty normal prices for your gourmet burger.  I got just a normal hamburger and fries, no cheese because it’s cheaper that way.  The burger was good- just the right amount of sauce and the meat was well cooked and just the right amount of juicy.  The fries were meh.  All in all I had no complaints and enjoyed my meal, but there weren’t any burgers on the menu that stood out to me.  They had avocado and mushrooms and such, but normally I would go for something like gorgonzola cheese or pear, so I’m not sure I’ll go again.  But if you’re in the area go for it ^^
Hours:  11:00-23:00 (Mon-Sat), 11:00-22:00 (Sun) (LO one hour before)
Location:  Omotesando Hills (map)