JS Burger Cafe

Perhaps the place that made me fall in love with burgers in Japan more than I ever did in the US (although I did have one place I frequented in Seattle, not including Red Robin, which I don’t really think of as being in the same category).  There are several stores, the first one I went to being the Shinjuku branch, which left a good impression on me. Simple but warm atmosphere with an outside terrace as well.  This time we went together to a branch in Shibuya- not as big, and although there were some nice seats for couples at this branch and got in quickly, not the fanciest place.  Unfortunately, I think said branch shown in the pictures has closed, so the link below will be for one in Shinjuku.  But whichever branch it is you can’t go wrong with the food.  I can’t say it stands out in any particular way among burger shops, and compared to all the places I’ve been to now as I write this it doesn’t seem quite as special anymore, but it has all the standards (ha ha, Journal “Standards”) and does them well.  Not cheap, but they usually aren’t.

Hours:  Mon-Fri 11:30-22:30, Sat 10:30-22:30, Sun 10:30-21:30 (LO half hour before)
Location:  Shinjuku (map), others