Nicolai Bergmann NOMU

There is no obvious entrance or signage for this place, as it’s actually inside a flower shop all under the same name.  But it definitely catches the eye, with large windows making up the outside wall, and flowers on display worth up to a couple hundred dollars.  The restaurant is farther inside, which is where it got a little confusing.
You order at a counter in front of the kitchen, and it appeared that we could just take a seat first like at a cafe.  But seats for two were all full, and with no obvious place to wait or put our name down or wait-person to talk to, we flagged someone down who took our name and told us to enjoy the flower shop until a table opened.  Then one of two caucasian workers told everyone waiting for tables to wait by the entrance to the flower shop, from where we were called shortly after.  The two seated next to us at about the same time seemed confused also, and were waiting to be waited on while we were ordering our food at the counter.  When we got back we saw them flagging down the waiter to ask for a menu and being told there is no menu and to please order at the counter.
They have sandwiches for around 1200yen, and a set with salad and soup.  The sandwiches were filling and the soup was good.  “NOMU” I assume refers to “drink” in Japanese, and there is a huge drink menu with 700yen juices and smoothies, but given that the only menu is right at the register, I didn’t want to hold up the line going over the drink menu and just went with the set’s ice tea.  Overall it was nice to go once; nice atmosphere, decorations, being inside flower shop.  I hesitate to give it a high grade because of the prices.  Desserts also looked good but didn’t look worth the cost.  Not to mention the water that dripped on me a few times from a vent above me during my meal.  But I bet the juices are delicious, and I’d consider going again to try one.
Hours:  10:00~20:00 (LO 19:30)
Location:  Omotesando (map)