About Us

This is a chronicle of my food adventures in Japan with Nodoka, mainly in the vicinity of Tokyo and Yokohama, simple summaries and reviews of restaurants and shops we go to on our days off.

In high school I did a book review assignment with a friend, or something similar, in which we rated different aspects with pictures of our faces.  Just a smile is so-so, one thumbs up is above average/ I’d probably go again if in the area, and two thumbs up is great/ I’d definitely go again. A not so happy review might involve us looking angry and pulling the hair out from our heads.  I haven’t been to a restaurant, at least since I started this, that evoked such a reaction, but I thought it would be a fun way to make a blog while keeping a convenient list of places I’ve been.  So we started taking pictures when eating out, and hopefully if you ever come to Japan and need to find a place to eat you can find one or two on here.









Nodoka ;)*****