Eggs ‘n Things

It’s pretty hard to miss this place if you walk by because of the lines.  At least on the weekend I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a line the whole day.  We went on a Saturday, a little after lunch time, and lo and behold there was a line stretching around the corner.  We decided anywhere else with that kind of food could potentially be the same, so we got in line and it moved surprisingly quickly.  If you say breakfast, this is probably the place that will come to mind.  It’s a popular chain with several locations, this one being the main store on Omotesando.  Not knowing how long a wait it would be, we said we’d be fine eating outside.  When it turned out we would in fact be eating on the terrace, we wondered if we would be OK in the cold.  But there were 4 seats per table each equipped with cushions and blankets, meaning 2 blankets for each of us!  We shared two kinds of eggs benedict, Portugal sausage and vegetarian, and both came with a side of potatoes.  I haven’t eaten enough eggs benedict to know what’s good, but I thought the eggs were a little creamy and could have more taste.  Putting that aside, it was much better than I thought it would be for the price.  Our plates were each around 1300 yen, probably the average price on the menu, while another pancake place we were considering that day had plates for around 2000 yen, with of course Japanese-sized pancakes.  There was nothing too fancy here, but plenty of options and a couple nice looking specials.  Omelets and eggs benedict with different kinds of meat and cheese, pancakes, waffles.  Nothing compares still to an American diner breakfast menu, but it satisfied my craving for a bit.  I’d go again, but not if there were other yummy looking places nearby to try for a similar price.  By the way, I was probably one of three guys in the restaurant at the time, and amazed at the sight of a trio of high school boys waiting in line to get in xP
Hours:  8:00-22:30 (LO 21:30)
Location:  Harajuku (map), others