Sakura Sushi

If you’re in Shinjuku and craving kaiten-zushi (conveyor belt sushi), this is probably as decent a choice as any other.  It is conveyor belt sushi but it feels a little more authentic because they have the vertical wooden boards behind the counter showing the sushi names and prices in Japanese and there’s no touch screen to order from.  I found myself ordering directly from the chef a fair amount, and there is an English menu if you need one.  I probably wouldn’t go to Shinjuku just to eat here, but to me it tasted a bit above average.

Hours:  open late
Location:  Shinjuku (map)

Katsu Yokohama Sky Building/ 活 横浜スカイビル店

Tablets! So high tech.
Tablets! So high tech.
The sushi you order comes on a track above the conveyor belt.
The sushi you order comes on a track above the conveyor belt.
Tablets! So high tech.
Tablets! So high tech.


This kaiten-sushi (conveyor belt sushi) place has lines even on weekdays, and for good reason.  Partly because it’s in a busy department store inside Yokohama station, and partly because of it’s yummy yummy sushi.  When we tried to go on a weekend afternoon, the line was split in two as it went around a corner.  We thought the second half was the line for another restaurant until someone started grumbling about us skipping the line.  We went somewhere else ><  It’s all counter seats, no tables.  We have been a few times, and I have never had any sushi here that tasted like it was just thawed from the freezer.  I haven’t seen another foreigner there, and I’m not sure there is any English, but it’s kaiten-sushi, and has tablets from which you can order.  Between the two of us the first time it was about 2300 yen for about 13 or 14 plates.  Maybe on the more expensive side if you eat a lot, but for a kaiten-sushi place it’s worth it 😛

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Katsu Yokohama Sky Building/ 活 横浜スカイビル店

Hours: 11:00〜22:30

Location:Yokohama Station (map)