Santon/ 山東


We went to this restaurant in Yokohama China Town after hearing from one of Nodoka’s acquaintances that the gyoza here is good.  It was a Friday night and pretty busy, but we didn’t have to wait.  There were a couple other foreigner + Japanese parties.  I felt like it was a fairly warm, friendly place, although we did feel a bit pressured to order quickly.  The huge menu didn’t make that too easy, although we knew what we wanted.  The average price on the menu is around 1600 yen, but the gyoza that we came for was about 800 yen.  We tried both fried and boiled gyoza, had some fried rice, and wanted one more dish so we chose the spring rolls.  Sorry we don’t have pictures of the gyoza, since this was when we first started out ^^’  Anyway, it was good.  It was hard to give it a higher rating with so many dishes not tried, but everything was seemingly well prepared, and the plates were cute.  If you’re in China Town and not too particular about what to eat give it a try.

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Santon/ 山東

Hours: 11:00〜22:00

Location: China Town, Yokohama (map)