Yokosuka Shell / ヨコスカシェル

Navy Curry
Navy Curry
I think it speaks for itself.
I think it speaks for itself.
Yokosuka cheese cake
Yokosuka cheese cake

An izakaya along Dobuita street, a place catering to foreigners from the navy base and Japanese people wanting to escape Japan for a moment.  A good number of shops along the street are bars, and at night it really doesn’t feel like Japan.  A good number of shops, including Yokosuka Shell, also sell the famous Yokosuka Navy Curry and Navy Burger.  We came because we wanted to try the Navy Curry, and because it was kind of late at night and it was open.

It didn’t feel like an izakaya so much as a restaurant where you can also get a beer after a long day.  It was a not-so-busy Sunday night, with a few elderly ladies chatting at the counter, young folks sitting around a table, no smoking at least at the moment.  There were no foreigners, but anywhere selling Navy Curry I’m sure is ready for them.  It was not the prettiest place but was comfortable, and the food was good for what it’s worth.  I thought that the Navy Curry was probably as good as any Navy Curry, but perhaps a specialty shop might serve it better, and that if you want to go to an izakaya there are probably more izakaya-like places.  I’d go back if I were in the area and just wanted a beer, but I wouldn’t go out of my way.

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Yokosuka Shell / ヨコスカシェル

Hours:  11:30〜24:00

Location:  Yokosuka-chuo (map)