Taco Bell

Taco Bell in Japan?!  I was excited to try it out- apparently there were lines for a couple months after it opened and people were waiting at least an hour or two to get in.  I bet it’s still pretty popular but not that long of a wait anymore.  The interior is actually really nice, a stark difference from any I’ve been to in the US, kind of like how McDonalds is more like a nice cafe here.  And I’m not even sure if they do takeout at Taco Bell here.  Probably, but maybe people don’t think of Taco Bell as a takeout kind of thing, or I was hoping that maybe the difference in speed prepping the food meant it might be a little less artery-clogging, and maybe that’s why the lines were long and slow?  Anyway, the standard tacos were almost what I remembered from the US, maybe a little less juice, but still messy and delicious as tacos are, but I was disappointed with the other item I tasted.  Tacos were all I ordered in the US anyway, but I was hoping since it’s Japan it would be better.  Alas it is still Taco Bell, and maybe more expensive.  In other words, if Taco Bell is your thing knock yourself out.  Maybe I’ll drop by just for some tacos and a nice place to sit and relax.
Hours:  10:00-23:00
Location:  Shibuya (map), others