Nirvana/ ニルヴァーナ

Looking for curry in Yokosuka-chuo?  This place has all you need.  Maybe those who know the difference between Indian and Nepalese curry and need to have Indian curry would have something to say, but think typical bowl of curry with a large slice of naan.  It fills me up enough every time that it took several visits before I found the room in my stomach to get the an-naan (sweet red bean).  The sets come with salad and I think discounts on drink, including plain and mango lassis.  They have Wifi, the staff speaks English and I never know which language I should speak, at least half the customers are foreigners, they do takeout, and all for average prices.  The last time I went the curry was actually a little too buttery for me, but as long as that was a one-time deal I know I’ll be going again and again.  I am no expert, but Indian curry is definitely one foreign dish that Japan does right.

Hours:  11:00-23:00
Location:  Yokosuka-chuo (map)